An interview with Tooned Illustrations and Pamin Designs

We at DIVEBOMB were recently lucky enough to talk to Tooned Illustrations and Pamin Designs, two up-and-coming Motorsport graphic designers, to find out a little more about what they do and who they are! Interviewd by Tom Evans, Edited by Harshi Vashee Tom: Did you take an interest in Motorsport at a young age or

An interview with Josh Revell

Interviewed by Tom Evans, Edited by Harshi Vashee  New Zealander Josh Revell is well known for his highly entertaining motorsport and Formula One videos for which he has amassed an impressive 250 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel! Tom: When did you start to take an interest in Motorsport? Josh: Pretty much from the age

 An interview with Matthew Rees

Interview conducted by Tom Evans, Edited by Harshi Vashee We recently were lucky enough to sit down for an interview with Welsh racing driver Matthew Rees, Tom: First of all, who are you and in what series do you currently race in? Matthew: Hi, I’m Matthew Rees and I’m currently racing in the British F4

An interview with Kelsey Kirby

Kelsey Kirby is a twenty four year old Irish woman currently beginning her career in Motorsports. Taking part in the Formula Woman competition, to win a fully sponsored drive in the 2022 GTCup Championship.  Interviewed by Megan Teahan, edited by Janvi Unni When did you come into the motorsports world? So this year is the

Interview with Youtuber DylanJamesGP

Written and conducted by: Tom Evans, Edited by: Daniel Yi Dylan James is a British YouTuber and content creator known for his highly entertaining motorsport opinion videos that, to this point, have amassed him an impressive 16.8 thousand subscribers! We at DIVEBOMB were lucky enough to interview him a short while ago: Tom: When did

An Interview with Joseph Loake

Interviewed by Tom Evans, Edited by Harshi Vashee Joseph Loake (15) is an extremely talented racing driver, currently competing in the British Formula 4 championship and has racked up 2 wins and 3 podiums in the series to date. Tom: First of all, when did you start to take an interest in Motorsport? Joseph: When

An interview with Ethan Davis

Interviewed by Mikaeel Ali, edited by Janvi Unni  Ethan Davis is a British racing driver currently racing in the F100UK Karting Series. Ethan has picked up numerous podiums and wins, including a win in the 24H of Buckmore Park. He is in contention for the F100UK Karting Title, and is mounting a great fight, despite


will be making his F1 debut during the FP1. He will be taking Fernando Alonso’s Alpine for a drive around the Red Bull Ring.

He has been part of the Alpine driver academy since 2019 and worked his way up from development to test driver. He is in his third season of F2 with UNI-Virtuosi racing, has won at Monaco- one of the most fabled venues in the history of motorsport, and is creating great strides towards racing full time at Formula One. On the verge of creating history, our founder Sage sat down for an interview with Zhou.

Read on as Zhou talks about his inspirations, influences, words of advice, the win at Monaco and his F1 debut at Austria


Angélina Favario is a French racing driver currently competing in the French Formula 4 FFSA Championship. She’s also the only woman driver on the French F4 grid this year. We spoke to her about her career so far and her advice to young fans watching. Interviewed by Janvi Unni, Edited by Bruna Brito Angélina, have

A conversation with Gabriel Casagrande 

Gabriel Casagrande is a 26-year-old Brazilian racing driver who races in the Brazilian Stock Car series and will be re-joining the Vogel team for 2021. He sat down with us to talk about his life and career as a racing driver and what he aims to achieve as he returns to the team that gave

INTERVIEW: Lucca Allen

Lucca Allen is an 18 year old Irish racing driver who is racing in Super Formula Lights in Japan for his second season. Allen has picked up numerous championships including Kadets in 2014 and F4 SEA in 2019. He was the first Irish driver to win F4 South East Asia ever, and comes into this

FEATURED: Interview with Touring Car Legend Andy Priaulx MBE

Interviewed by Sam Stewart , Recorded by Bruna Brito, Edited by Aiden Hover Find our article on Andy Priaulx here. I’d like to begin by asking about your entry to the sport, how did you get into motorsport originally? I’m actually the third generation [of Priaulx] to be a racing driver. My Father was racing, I

Emil Heyerdahl interview – Big talent of the future

Emil Heyerdahl is an extremely talented 18 year old race car driver from Norway who has competed in series all over the world including the Porsche Carrera Cup, 24HR TCE series, and the North European Formula 4 series. The Norwegian driver shared with DJ Byrne and Esmée Koppius about his journey and experiences in motorsport.

International Women’s Day: Interview with Theamusante

Aléthéa Boucq, better known as Theamusante, is a digital content creator, trained in fashion.  The Frenchwoman decided to challenge herself in the world of simulators, during the year 2020, and has already conquered thousands of fans.  Interviewed by Bruna Brito; Transcribed by Bruna Brito and Hafiz Akbar; Edited by Sam Stewart and Issa  With a

A conversation with Juju Noda

The incredible Juju Noda, breaking records, debut victories and now embarking on a new adventure to the United States to compete in F4. At only 15 years of age, she has a stellar track record so far, but is still hungry for more. The daughter of former F1 driver Hideki Noda, Juju Noda has a

An Interview With Gustavo Ariel

The young Brazilian driver, Gustavo Ariel, is passionate about karting and a recent adventurer in the world of simulators. He shared a little of his history with the DIVEBOMB Team, including the beginning of his karting career, the difficulties he has faced, and his dreams for the future. Written By Bruna Brito , Edited by Aiden

A Portrait of Jamey Price

Jamey Price is a motorsport photographer who has travelled all over the world to capture some of the world’s most famous racing series.  Jamey is a well accomplished photographer, having work published in The New York Times,, Top and ESPN. He has written a book, amassed almost 50,000 Instagram followers and taken photos

An Interview with Clemens Schmid

Instead of choosing for a skiing career that would have been more typical of Austria, Clemens Schmid stuck with his dreams to conquer the world’s racetracks. The DIVEBOMB team had the pleasure to talk with the driver. Take a look! Interviewed By Bruna Brito and Lucas Pielsch, Edited By Issa Chaker You started go-karting when

Featured: Reigning Formula Nordic champion Viktor Andersson joins F4

Recently, Kiwi Motorsport announced Viktor Andersson in their 2021 driver lineup for Formula 4 USA. We caught up with the young swede before his inaugural US F4 season to talk about his journey to single-seater racing, his Dad in racing, and his passion for Indycar. Interviewed By Sage Hou, Edited By Justin Tan Karting has